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Review by: ”hogfeldt” (
Small Stone Records
Release Date: May 1, 2001
CD (Catalog # SS-022)

”...Imagine Sabbath and the Stooge´s fist fighting at a Hawkwind concert over the last sheet of LSD...” - from the infosheet that came with this promo

After having read this I was very interested in whether ”Void” could live up to those superlatives... those are some pretty big shoes to fill... Sabbath, Stooges... and Hawkwind...

The instrumental ”Satellite Night” starts of the record in a trippy laidback mood that I really dug... reminded me a little `bout Thumlock. ”Rocket Superstar” have a sound that brought Queens of the Stone Age to mind, it´s not any copycat thing... but it´s definitely in the same musical vein...

”Spinning Into No Future” would´ve have fitted right in on Souldivider´s latest demo... but I guess most of you haven´t heard Souldivider... yet... but, that´s what came to my mind when I first listened to this tune...

”End Of The Universe” is a slightly Monster Magnet sounding tune... plenty of fuzz in a full on space trip mood, and a damned good tune... some of you might feel like you´ve heard it before... and shure you have. But with a genre as retro inspired as stonerrock, that´s what you get... and I shure don´t mind when the tunes are as good as this one...

”Sleep” starts out in a laidback mode with the sound of an organ kinda hooverin´ over the steady beat from the rhythm section... a solo guitar kicks in, and then the vocals... very 60´
sounding... And then it explodes with a fuzz-laden and acid-laced groove... it continues to go back and forth in this fashion, and it all adds up to a great retro sounding tune...

In ”Shoot The Sky” it´s clear that these guys are from Detroit... it´s still stonerrock, but there´s something very Motor City about this tune... Stooges and MC5 meets the tripped out sounds of Hawkwind...

The sound of ”Void” is easiest described as Monster Magnet goes to Motor City... I bet this tune smokes live, it has just the right amount of fuzzdrenched riffs and it manages to be tripped out and yet rock like there were no tomorrow...

Outta all the 10 songs on this album I guess ”Sixty Seven” has the coolest groove... not shure how to accurately describe it though, so go out and buy the album and find out for yourself... One thing is for shure, `67 was a great year in music and the fact that ”little ole me” was born in that glorious year makes it even better ;-)

”Particle Explosion” reminded me a little `bout The Heads, yet another good tune. If you have the ”Right In The Nuts” compilation (Aerosmith trib.) you´ll recognize the last song... If you don´t have that Trib. CD, you should go out and buy it rightaway, it´s the best Aerosmith trib. to date... and a regular who´s who of stonerrock...

Up `til I got this CD I hadn´t heard anything from Novadriver `cept ”Seasons Of Wither” from ”Right In The Nuts”... Shure they did a good version outta that tune, but I didn´t expect `em to be this good. If you buy this album and don´t like it as much as you might´ve expected after reading this review... give it a chance to grow on ya... this one those album that´ll keep growing on ya for every spin you give it... Recommended!!!

1. Satellite Night
2. Rocket Superstar
3.Spinning Into No Future
4. End Of The Universe
5. Sleep
6. Shoot The Sky
7. Void
8. Sixty Seven
9. Particle Explosion
10. Seasons Of Wither

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