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Band Bio

From the riot-burned streets of the Motor City comes Novadriver... a sonic high-octane blast of shag carpeted, metal-flake Detroit muscle. Imagine Black Sabbath and the Stooges fist fighting at a Hawkwind concert over a lid of grass.

 Exploring such topics as mind expansion, interstellar travel, and tube amplification, Novadriver's musical attack and creative vision are sure to thrust you into another dimension.

 Performing at blistering volumes, Novadriver's full-stack stage presence has all the raw power and appeal of the late 1960's, early 1970's classic mustache rock.

 With jet turbine, cosmic overdrive guitars, rock God lead vocals, explosive freak out drumming, and thundering atomic bass, the psychedelic maelstrom created by this four piece leaves in its wake a burning dirigible ambiance that lingers well after the last power chord.

 With the launch of their debut CD 'Void", Novadriver continues its mission of sound exploration and planetary domination.