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In the beginning....

Maja began in January of 2000, when singer Mark Ely and drummer Shane Lantrip began creating electronic music in Mark's basement. They soon realized what they were doing was unique. They immediately searched for a guitar player that could compliment their unusual brand of music. The search ended with gutarist Jason Metcalf, formerly of Sky Juice. His high energy playing fit the band like a glove. Next, they needed a bassist that would be in tune with their musical dream. The band recruited long time friend/bassist, Derek Nettleman. The band was complete.
A few weeks later, they had created some very intense music that was begging to be put on CD. The band then decided to record a three track demo and began booking shows. Maja secured an opening slot on October 7th, with 500 Feet Of Pipe and A-Frame. Following the show, Maja cemented a large fan base and proved that they were a force to be reckoned with. Their shows became known as highly intense and full on energy.
Maja hails from the mid Michigan area. All the members have played in prominent bands throughout the years. Shane has played in such hardcore bands Skull Buzz and Horror Factor. Jason was an original member of Sky Juice. Mark and Derek have played together in Drip, Walleye, and Skeleton Crew. Together, the four musicians form a unique sound, unlike anything else.
The music can only be described as an ever evolving, mind bending, powerhouse that sticks in your head. Just when you think you've figured out Maja, they throw you a curve that keeps the music fresh and new. Sit back, and enjoy Maja.